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Hello Families!

The purpose of this page is to support you, our parent/guardian partners around STEM Education, by helping you make direct connections between STEM education in schools and the real-world. We also want to help you by providing examples of STEM educational activities and connecting those activities to organizations in and around our community. 

Fists in Solidarity



Riverbend delivers STEM programs that utilize nature as the foundation of learning.

Resources for Families Around STEM Instruction at Home

Math, STEM, Science, Engineering 

Click the images below for ideas on how to easily engage with STEM at home in meaningful ways.




National PTA


Preparing Chaperones for Outdoor Science

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The Waste Free Challenge


Achieve the Core Family Guides to Support Learning


The Watershed Challenge


Science U @ Home


Department of Education: Office of Educational Technology - Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide


More coming soon! If you have any helpful links make sure to let us know so we can continue to support families in STEM.

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Resource Links


Kids develop STEM habits in the classroom, but they spend most of their time outside of school. That’s where parents and other adults can help to inspire, support, and continue their children’s STEM learning.


STEM is a popular acronym embodying a philosophy of education that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM and STEAM are about teaching these skills and subjects in a way that applies to real life.


Research studies across the board all seem to come to the same conclusion when it comes to family involvement: When families are involved with their children’s learning from the beginning and throughout their academic careers, students don’t just succeed — they shine.

Sharing Student

Parents may struggle to provide home-based learning in STEM for kids. This page presents top online resources in each STEM subject, plus a list of 150 courses, websites, activities, and competitions arranged by grade level.

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Mathematics and science scores on average among U.S. students are lagging behind other developing countries. Here's how STEM education can be so important to young students.

Boomi and STEM Videos

Teacher and Pupil



Teacher Assisting a Student






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