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Chief Science Officers

Chief Science Officers (CSOs) are 6th to 12th grade student STEM ambassadors who are identified by their peers and demonstrate interest in STEM, innovation and advocacy. 

Program Goals


Cultivate a network of diverse STEM leaders


Foster communication & collaboration among CSOs


Enrich school STEM culture and career awareness


Amplify student voice in STEM conversations in the community

CSO SEPA Leadership

Meet our dynamic leadership team, comprised of passionate individuals dedicated to advancing STEM education and fostering innovation within our community. Together, they bring a diverse range of skills and experiences to lead our CSO program toward its mission of empowering future STEM leaders.

CSO Experience

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As a CSO student, participants embark on a transformative journey that combines hands-on learning, mentorship, and community engagement to cultivate their skills and ignite their potential. From organizing STEM events to advocating for science education in their communities, students have the opportunity to make a real difference while honing their leadership abilities. Through immersive experiences such as industry tours, guest speaker sessions, and collaborative projects, participants gain invaluable insights into various STEM fields and develop the confidence to pursue their ambitions. Join us as we empower the next generation of STEM leaders to create positive change and shape the future of innovation.

"My action plan educated my school on not just the importance of STEM but the importance of racial diversity in these fields. Working on this action plan made me realize how many significant figures have gone overlooked and I think I brought some of them to light in the website I created."

CSO Elizabeth, Souderton HS

Interacting with Our Cabinet

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