What kind of STEM Event should I host?

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

The SEED Days activities that an organization can host to celebrate STEM are limitless. A great activity that is aligned to your goals starts with a story: what kind of story do you want to tell about your organization, your students, your STEM?

Perhaps you're a company in a STEM industry, and the story you'd like to tell is about creating opportunity, using technology, and providing professional growth in the areas of science or math. Perhaps you're a classroom teacher, who wants to tell the story of your students' creativity and ingenuity in the areas of engineering. Perhaps you're a museum, and you'd like to tell the story of a scientist whose work changed the course of history. Decide on the message you want to share with your audience, and the narrative you want them to leave having heard. This will help you determine what kind of activity best supports your goal.

Your activity might be a:

  • Workshop (STEM/STEAM Related): Invite students, parents, and/or community members to participate in a hands-on workshop to experience a STEM-related topic. Workshops are aimed at teaching participants new skills or information, and providing a lasting memory of a tactile, step-by-step activity.

  • Open Houses: Invite students, parents, and/or community members to tour an organization or learn about the inner workings of a process (especially related to STEM/STEAM professions and careers). If applicable, participants could learn about career pathways related to the organization’s industrial field. Getting to try a (safe!) piece of equipment or station along the tour can make a longer-lasting impression.

  • Sales Promotion: For those that sell STEM/STEAM tools and applications, host a sales event with a special incentive or coupon to encourage students, parents, and community members to purchase STEM tools that help teach, prepare, or improve student STEM skills. The focus of the sales promotion should be providing access to STEM tools for students, families, and educators.

  • Professional Learning/Development Session: Invite professionals to learn about STEM/STEAM related topics that can be used to enhance the work in their field or industry. The more hands-on, the better! But you can consider a seminar or lecture setting as well, with opportunities for discussion.

  • Social Event: Invite community members and parents to attend a social event around STEM awareness. This event could be similar to a “lunch and learn” in which participants learn about your organization and its commitment to STEM/STEAM and the role that PA SEED plays in helping to spread that mission and vision.

  • STEM Competition/Fair: Invite community members and/or students to participate in a STEM related competition or exhibition. The purpose of the event would be to promote STEM/STEAM thinking and grow awareness of career and professional pathways.

When you're ready, decide on a length, location and date for your activity, and register it in our event calendar!

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