SEED Day Social Media

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

There are many opportunities to integrate social media into your SEED Day activity to help build buzz and extend learning. Take a look and get inspired!

  • Be sure your event has a Facebook event. Still the most popular social network, this expands your reach by showing your event to friends of respondents.

  • Offer incentives for spreading the word, like a raffle entry, extra content or special pricing available only to social "hypemakers" (people who help build buzz around your event).

  • Include hashtags in all of your event promotional materials.

  • Tag your presenters or key employees, and especially sponsors or vendors, in your posts about the event. This makes it easy for them to share what you're doing, and it hands them the messaging, imagery and links that you want to be shared.

  • Use social media questions, interests and popular posts to shape your event! Let your presenters or teachers know what's being talked about, or put out a simple poll as part of your build-up to the event.

  • Run a Twitter backchannel. No need to keep the traditional format of talk-then-Q&A. Let your presenter be interrupted by questions as they come in with a certain hashtag, and at the same time, dramatically increase buzz about your event on social media.

  • Create photo ops! Props, frames, or photo ops at certain "stations" of your tour, or certain areas of your classroom, which encourage Instagram and SnapChat to be flooded with views from your event!

  • Live stream your event! Take the leap and go live on UStream or Facebook Live for your tour or workshop, extending your audience and archiving your hard work.

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