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Updated: Apr 4, 2018

Hosting a SEED Days event on-site or on-line? Check out our checklist to make sure you're ready for your attendees.


  • Signage. From the driveway to the lobby to the elevator to your registration/check-in table, have you traveled your guest's route and made sure they'll know where to go? Have you considered whether your signage should be hung high on the wall or from the ceiling (for standing events / mingling), placed on tabletops, or set on easels (okay if not high-traffic areas)?

  • Staff preparedness. Have you made sure your receptionist, cafeteria, or any other staff who will interact with your attendees are aware of the activity and ready to smile?

  • Restrooms. Make sure you build in a break or a stop at the restroom if your activity is more than 2 hours!

  • Snacks. Are you providing a refreshment? Be sure to plan for paper products, trash cans, and make sure the snack is portable enough if your guests will be on a tour or walking around.

  • For your guests. Have you considered giving out nametags for the tour or workshop? How about a small gift such as a lanyard, pen, USB drive or other swag that's sporting your organization's logo?

  • Safety. Have you provided the necessary hard hats, goggles, shoe covers, temporary security passes, or other equipment needed to make sure your guests are safe at your site? What about marking the pathways and areas that are off-limits?

  • Do you have a photographer? Be sure to document your event so that you can share it on social media! And, f you're taking photos of guests (especially minors), have them sign a quick photo release at check-in, stating that you have permission to use their likeness for promotional purposes after the event.


  • Audio and video. Have you tested your exact configuration for event day?

  • Hashtag. Do your slides include a hashtag to use during the talk? #paseeddays is always an option, but your individual event can have one too!

  • Links into short links. If you are giving out web addresses during your talk, consider shortening them using or another URL shortener and make it easier for your guests to visit them. Also, be prepared with a list you can copy and paste into the chat so they are live links as you talk about them.

  • Interactivity. Have you planned something interactive or engaging on your slides?

  • What's behind you? If you're hosting a webinar, make sure to spruce up your environment and that your face is well-lit during the talk. Behind you, a nice office plant, an award or trophy, a small stack of books and a source of light (lamp or small window) makes for a great vignette. Consider locating something that has a large logo for your organization on it, and incorporate it into your background!

What other tips can you share with PA SEED Days event planners? Share your ideas with the PASEED Event planners at!

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