Make your SEED Day Spectacular!

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

You don't have to break the bank or spend weeks planning to make your SEED Days event spectacular for guests and learners. Here are a few things that take your event from good to great:

Make your guests feel cared for at every touchpoint.

From check-in to sign-out, guests should feel like they were welcome and cared for. Cheerful, well-informed greeters make a huge difference; so does signage.

Be organized.

Your event should feel planned, not cobbled together – even if it is cobbled together! Think through the registration table area, the flow from speaker to speaker, the process of logging in to guest computers if you're doing a workshop... and have a few people (more than you think you need) who know the schedule of the day and can help you keep things moving.


If you want the excitement about your event to be high, YOU have to bring that energy to the table. Keep your event high-energy by keeping it moving (keep those speeches short!), infusing videos or interactive moments, and constantly encouraging social media use and sharing.

Caffeinate or feed them!

Events are tiring. People travelled to visit you, are listening to you for an extended period of time, and are using their brains. Coffee, tea, soda and a small refreshment can make a huge difference to the way they feel when they leave – not drained and ready for a nap, but refreshed and energized.

In their own words.

Sure, YOU think your company or your classroom is awesome and doing amazing things – but what about inviting a real student, parent, community member, or business partner to say a few words? Hearing from another organization or voice in the conversation strengthens your message while mixing up the presenter tone and style. Plus, your audience loves to know they are not alone in how they feel or what they're thinking about!

Take every opportunity to green your event.

If you can use digital signs and exclusive emails with rich content, instead of printing signs and handouts, do it. If you can use environmentally friendly materials when serving food and drinks, do it. If you can eliminate the amount of print collateral at sponsor booths and in registration bags, do it. If you take every opportunity to make your event green, you're not only helping the environment, you're making attendees very, very happy. After all, it's just one more pile of stuff for them to keep track of and eventually, throw away.

People should be identifiable.

Anyone who can help answer questions should be identifiable from far away with a bright t-shirt, a sign above them, or a baseball cap. Attendees should also be able to identify each other (name tags?), speakers, employees, and even sponsors or vendors. Consider nametag ribbons that help call this out.

Draw connections.

Your event is part of a larger narrative about STEM learning and working across the region and world. Make your participants feel a part of that narrative! Connecting your presentation, workshop, demo or tour to the ways that STEM education improves employment outcomes, builds useful skills, and changes the world will have an epic impact.

Be actionable.

If your attendees are excited about your company or classroom, they're primed to get involved! If you do nothing else on this list, be sure you have a "next step" articulated during your event or on a handout. Share with them ways to get involved, when and where your next opportunity to learn will take place (if applicable), and if you have a product or program to sell, make sure it is available that day/night — people may want to jump on board on the spot!

What other methods can you share that take an event over the top? Share your ideas with the PASEED Event planners at


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