Following Up from your SEED Day Event

Hooray! Your event happened and was a hit! Yeah! But before you bask in the glow of your job well done, remember that it's not quite done – not until you've followed up. A post-event follow-up plan is what makes all of your hard work worth it, and solidifies your message and actionable next steps for participants or students. Stay top-of-mind and reinforce your message or lesson with one last touch-point!

There are many ways to follow up after an event, but the most desirable is a personal outreach to each attendee, student, or guest – most often via an email. (Remember that to follow-up by email, you'll need to make sure you have email addresses for all attendees. Consider making this a step of registration/check-in.) If you have students in class, follow-up might also be with a reflection journal entry, an activity, a group assignment or an extension of the classroom experience.

When you compose your follow-up email, be sure it includes the following pieces:

  • Lead (and close) with thanks! Gratitude for their time, attention, and interest in STEM opportunities is paramount.

  • Include a few photos (if you have photo permission).

  • Include relevant content you can share, such as presentations, links to videos, or an archive of the workshop or demo.

  • Draw connections to the larger STEM conversation. Check out our Why STEM? page for some of the data that supports the need for more events and learning opportunities like yours. Inspire your guests or students, and they'll never forget you!

  • Provide next steps - opportunities to continue learning or come to another event or workshop.

  • Provide contact information for questions or continued information about what you do.

  • Again, close with thanks!

Be sure to send this follow up within one week of your STEM event. And then, you can relax in the glow of your job very well done!

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